Sablon Screw and Dowel Connection Jig 3/4” (18-19mm) Panels

Sablon Screw and Dowel Connection Jig 3/4” (18-19mm) Panels

Product Number: S230

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Feature Value
Product Number S230 
Weight 4.97 pounds (2250 grams) 
Package Size Length 18.11” (46.00cm) x Height 5.12” (13.00cm) x Width 7.88” (20.00cm) 
Shipping Free Shipping only in Mainland USA 

Product Highlights

  •   The patent pending screw & dowel jig (Vidafix Jig) provides you with a technique to install and take apart the screws used to build your furniture & cabinets. 
  •   Screw sizes 3.5mm x 30-35-40-45-50-60mm 
  •   Screw sizes 4.0mm x 30-35-40-45-50-60mm 
  •   Screw sizes 1 1/4” common use for 3/4” panels

Product Description
Sablon Screw & Dowel Connection Jig enables to use screws on wood & panels to make all kinds of furniture & cabinets. You can easily drill holes for screws, insert nuts and dowels on exact places when assembling opposite panel sides. Your completed project can be transferable from one place to another because same screw a few times can be taken apart and reassembled easily at another location.

Package Includes
  • 1 master jig 
  • 1 jig for mid-section of panels 
  • 1 self-centering drill bit diameter 8mm 
  • 1 drill bit 8.5mm 
  • 1 drill bit 5.7mm 
  • 1 drill bit 3mm 
  • 1 drill bit stop collar 8.5mm 
  • 100 set pack of Screw (3.5mm x 50mm), Insert Nut & Wood Dowel

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jigs - Screw & Dowel S230 - User Guide
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