Sablon Jigs & Hardware, LLC is the only importer and distributor for the Sablon products in USA. All orders are shipped from our fulfillment center in Philadelphia.

We have been manufacturing in the wood industry since 1995. We have extensive experience & know-how in the sector - custom designing and producing professional woodworking jigs for small shops, cabinet & closet makers, woodworkers, professionals or novice, master carpenters and hobbyists alike searching for practicality in their woodworking needs. 

In the woodworking industry, drilling holes for connectors, shelving, hinges, drawer slides, and handles are the most challenging and time consuming processes that you cannot do without. With our durable, effective and precision jigs we bring a complete innovative and practical solution to labor and machine intensive hole drilling process. Saving you valuable time and money. Sablon jigs are definite essentials for every woodshop, professional and novice. 

Sablon Jigs is continuously working to meet the needs of cabinetry & woodworking industry by developing more productive & affordable offerings for you.