Sablon Multi Function Drilling Jigs Set

Sablon Multi Function Drilling Jigs Set

Product Number: S210

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Feature Value
Product Number S210 
Weight 3900 gram (8.6 pound) 
Package Size Length 47 cm (18.5 inch) x Height 13 cm (5.1 inch) x Width 20 cm (7.9 inch) 
Shipping Free Shipping only in Mainland USA 

Product Highlights

This set includes 5 different jigs.
  • The patented Minifix cam connector Jig is used on 18-19 mm (3/4 inch) wood & panels to drill holes for 15 mm cams and 8 mm & 10 mm wooden or plastic dowels.
  • Hinge Jig is used for drilling 35 mm hinge holes on cabinet doors. By making a single adjustment you can drill hinge and screw holes on the cabinet doors. It is easy-to-carry and very convenient to install hinges outside of workshops and in construction sites.
  • Handle & Pull Jig is used for drilling 32 mm standard screw holes from 64 mm to 320 mm and from 3 inch to 10 inch handle and pulls.
  • Adjustable Shelving Jig is used to drill holes 5 mm in diameter with 32 mm standard.
  • Drawer Slide Jig is used for drilling holes inside the drawer cabinets.

Product Description
All these different jigs are extremely simple, fast and accurate, allowing any woodworker to build their own projects easily. The set is produced to drill holes for 5 separate functions, which are minifix (cam) connectors, shelving, hinges, drawer slides and handles to make cabinets, closets and other various custom projects. 

Package Includes
  • 5 master jigs for 5 separate functions 
  • 4 self-centering drill bits (3-5-15-35 mm) 
  • 4 drill bits (5-8-8-10 mm) 
  • 2 drill bit stop collars (8-10 mm)
  • 2 shelving indexing pins

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