Sablon Minifix Cam (Color Walnut) Fitting & Dowel & Pre-insert Nut 50 Set Pack

Sablon Minifix Cam (Color Walnut) Fitting & Dowel & Pre-insert Nut 50 Set Pack

Product Number: SMN26S50

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Feature Value
Weight 1.68 pounds (760 grams) 
Package Size Length 6.89” (17.50cm) x Height 4.34” (11cm) x Width 3.35” (8.50cm) 
Shipping Free Shipping only in Mainland USA 

Product Highlights

  •   Cam fittings size 15 x 13.5 mm Zinc 
  •   Dowel Metric 6 (M6) - 34 mm, Pre-insert nut, 10 x 13 mm 
  •   Material: Metal cam fittings & dowel, plastic pre-insert nut / Color: Walnut 
  •   Net weight: 700 gr; Package content 50 sets of connector fittings 
  •   Connector fitting set is used for 18-19 mm (3/4”) materials 
Product Description
There are 50 sets of furniture connector fittings in package. Each set includes 1 cam fitting, 1 dowel, 1 pre-insert nut. 15 mm diameter zinc minifix cam used for 18-19 mm panels. You can use these fittings to assemble your wood and panel furniture, cabinet, closet and all other like projects. Minifix is the most important and improved connector in the furniture industry today. Only requires a drill to make holes for a body of the cam connector, a screwdriver or Allen wrench to assemble parts. Makes a joinery reversible, a necessity when youre making furniture and cabinetry meant to be-can be taken apart and reassembled easily if constructing modular wall units, temporary displays, seasonal garden furniture, need to do final assembly of a project away from your shop, when moving.

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