Sablon Cross Dowel Jig

Sablon Cross Dowel Jig

Product Number: S220

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Feature Value
Product Number S220 
Weight 1000 gram (2.2 pound) 
Package Size Length 8.5 cm (3.4 inch) x Height 11 cm (4.3 inch) x Width 17.5 cm (6.9 inch) 
Shipping Free Shipping only in Mainland USA 

Product Highlights

  • The patented Cross Dowel Jig is used on 18-30 mm wood & panels.
  • Drills 10 mm diameter & 14 mm length standard barrel nut holes with adjustable self-centering drilling bit.
  • Drills metric 6 (M6) 30-40-50-60-70 mm length bolt holes with 6 mm drills on both sides of materials.
  • Cross Dowel Jig is mostly used for various types of production such as bed, crib, chair, fence.

Product Description
Cross Dowel Jig is produced for assembling 18 to 30 mm wood & panels. You can drill holes using the self-centering drill bits for barrel nuts in standard diameter 10 mm & depth 14 mm, and at the same time you can drill bolt holes on both sides of the wood or panels with this jig. 

Sablon Cross Dowel Jig is very useful for easy, fast and accurate drilling of cross dowel connecting holes, especially for various types of production such as bed, crib, chair, fence. 

Package Includes 
  • 1 main jig
  • 1 self centering drill bit 10 mm diameter
  • 1 drill bit 6 mm diameter

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jigs-cross dowel S220-user guide
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